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The Cruise

We had an absolute blast on our vacation! This is basically a photo blog. See the captions for deets.

We began the week with a win at the Superdome. GEAUX SAINTS! Who dat?!

We spent the next morning in New Orleans seeing sights before boarding our ship. These are prayer candles in St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

We spent our first full day at sea and didn't take any pictures, but the next day we ported in Progresso, Yucatan in Mexico. This is an example of a hut that was actually a common domicile in the area until the government began to build housing 10 years ago.

Here is one of the many statues we ran across. Many of the men were depicted from only the waste down. It was considered an honor to be cut in half. In fact, the winning team in an athletic competition would have it's captain "honored" this way.

The city of Dzibichaltun was able to thrive because of its the freshwater well.

We got to swim in it.

See the entry?...That is where I changed into my swimsuit.

We came across a couple of dead tarantulas in the observatory.

The Mayans are well known for their study of astronomy. In fact, we still use the calendar developed by the Mayans. However, it suddenly stops in the year 2012. To the best of my recollection, the Mayans believed that a meteor would hit the Caribbean Ocean in September of 2012 and wipe out the entire world...I imagine their conceptual world was a bit smaller than ours.
Also, when children were born, the would wear a stint on the bridge of their noses to force their eyes permanently crossed. They thought that crossed eyes would help them to better focus on a single planet or star. The building above was used as their observatory.

We dined each evening at 8:15. We made friends with people who lived both near and far.

Jeremy and Megan Marie were from Maumelle, AR...Just north of Little Rock. They left their 3 year old girl with grandma.

Taumeka and (I forgot his name) were also from Maumelle!

Crystal and Dan were from Indiana, south of Indianapolis. Dan is a butcher...and he had some interesting stories...that would have been more appropriate away from the dinner table. He invited Chris to hunt his land this fall.

Our waiters liked to dance for us!

We spent our second port day in Cozumel!

This bird almost ate his ear, but he did tell us "hola!"

We stopped at Margaritaville...

and Senor Frogs.

The camera couldn't handle the humidity :-)

Home sweet ship!

I got a few shots as we sailed away.

Well, that was our trip in a nutshell. Check back soon for my observations on leaving.

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