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Thoughts on Leaving

During our last day at sea, Chris and I challenged each other to a rousing game of miniature golf on the Upper Deck of our ship. Why they would put mini golf on a cruise ship is beyond me, but as I waited for my ball to stop rolling back and forth on hole 6, I had a moment to look behind the ship. As far back as I could see, there were tread marks in the water where the ship had been. Even after gazing for a bit, I still had more time until my ball was going to settle(...remember we are on a the ocean...playing a game of precision...) so I began to think about the implications of these water tracks.

From the ship, as far as we could see, our effects on the ocean were visible. Of course, near the boat the water was a mess of white foam and further away only thin lines could be made out disappearing into the horizon, but nonetheless, we could see exactly where we had been and what we had left behind. However, in Cozumel, where we had been just 24 hours before, they no longer saw any evidence of the ship (except in their wallets, but that is neither here nor there). They had waved us off and turned to look for the next ship in the very same motion.

By this point, I had been away from the church and ministry long enough to miss it very much, so my thoughts turned home to any applications I may make to real life. Do I judge my life's effects on the lines in the water? Do I even know how to measure the impact I am having? Are the children in my ministry waving me off on Sundays and Wednesdays and turning to look for the next ship? How do I know, if I am sailing away?

Ahhh, back to the game. Double bogey. Now I am only 18 over par after 6 holes of mini golf!

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